Bar Snacks

These snacks are served all day, every day, while stocks last.

Pork Pies - served with mustard or sauce on request.

Posh Pork Pies - with yummy toppings!

Cornish Pasties - Various fillings available, usually cooked to order.

Sausage rolls - plain or chilli flavoured

Toasted sandwiches - usually cheese & onion or cheese & ham

Sandwiches made locally are on sale at lunchtimes while stocks last. other seasonal snacks.

Pots of snacks include:

Cheese Palmiers

Spicy Home-cooked Cashews 

Home-cooked roasted almonds

Salted peanuts & dry roasted peanuts

Pork Scratchings

Olives (Summer months) others

Bags of snacks include:

Cleaver & Keg Meat Snacks

Tyrrells & Pipers Crisps in a variety of flavours

Mini Cheddars